Meet oreKron Cannabis

Founded 2012


Here at oreKron, we pride ourselves on growing the finest recreational flowers for your personal enjoyment, private events, and processing needs.


Founded in 2012.

The story of oreKron is like many in this industry. oreKron was the brain child or Conor Carey and Richard Niklas while they worked for Clackamas Greenhouses. Conor and Richard are both huge cannabis advocates and set out to deliver the best value to Oregon cannabis consumers. They took all their combined 35 years experience growing in greenhouses and applied it to the crop they love, cannabis! We specialize in growing light deprevation flower almost year round using climate controlled greenhouses with black out capability and the power of the sun. This provides and indoor quality product but not at an indoor price. This value is what oreKron prides itself on! Great weed for the working people of Oregon.

The Team

Photographed are some of our trimmers, office staff, and leadership at our distribution location.


Conor Carey

CEO and Co-Owner


Richard Niklas

Co-Owner and Sales: Southeast


Pam Mullins

North Portland to Pendleton


Brandon Shock

Coast to South of Salem


Ross Douglas



Allison Thomas

Assistant Manager

Post Harvest

Dan Lancaster